Tuesday, February 24, 2009

weekly update: Making baby mobile

NOTE: I started this last week and never got around to posting it so some of this stuff is slightly out of date... Hopefully, the next weekly update will be closer to a week, or maybe I'll just call it an update so I'm for the hook for the whole "weekly" thing:)

Phew! So this has been a relatively busy week. Elizabeth is powering through her prelim, and I have been busy being a good code monkey. Although the process of accumulating baby stuff began many months ago, in this past week it has really taken off. The focus of this week has been making baby mobile, in order to not just sit around the condo staring at each other all day. I never thought I would be saying this but stollers are waaay cool.

The first step toward mobility is a stroller. Unlike what the above picture of Elizabeth at "the beach" may imply, Spring really is coming to Wisconsin and that means emerging from our Winter hibernation (and baby is nearly here). Since leaving baby at home while I head outside probably isn't the best option, a stroller is necessary. There are a ton of options out there, but we went with a BOB stroller, and it is a beast. We also bought an overpriced piece of metal attachment that allows baby car seats to snap into it. This allows us to use just one stroller for both babies and small humans. That thing will be capable of mowing down the young, old and weak in our future strolls.

Also, the liberal media noisemachine has implanted in our brains that a mother's arms are not a suitable restraint for a baby in moving vehicle, so a car seat has also been acquired. Not as nearly as hip and cool as BOB, but necessary for mobility nonetheless. Actually, if we want to take baby out of the hospital they require you to have one installed in your car. Probably a good plan.

As a result of the new baby schwag the UPS man has become a regular at our house. I believe he showed up 5 days straight in the past week and a half. On day 5 of 5 Elizabeth met him at the door, and he asked if we were having a baby or getting married or something. Elizabeth gave the answer of baby, and he replied that that made sense because this box was playing Beethoven for the last few hours in his truck. Ha ha!

The end result of all our efforts to stimulate the world economy through baby gear is that our spare bedroom/soon to be baby bedroom is beginning to look more babyish. In fact, I believe we had our first Elizabeth nesting instinct sighting. Just the other day she came to me with a magazine of a baby room with a tree and birds made out of wallpaper, and said that she would like to do this in the baby's corner. How cute.

We are still trying to figure out what to do about diapers, but that will probably be a blog post of its own. The disposal of post-fetal defecation is more interesting than you might think. Actually, the disposal of fetal defecation is probably even more fascinating, but I have absolutely no idea how that works.

Finally, I have accepted that I may not be the one person on this planet who will buck the odds and live forever. Yes we took the step and did the responsible thing and talked to our slightly sleezy but surprisingly thoughtful insurance dude about life insurance. Haven't figured out final solution of what we are doing with it, but Elizabeth has assigned that job to my plate so it is on my list of things to do. Sometimes having to be an adult is horribly depressing.

To close things up here, THE COUNTDOWN IS ON! Elizabeth is now 32 weeks pregnant. As I have been informed several times, 40 weeks is full term. Putting my higher education to work: 40-32 = 8. Therefore, I conclude there are approximately 8 weeks until baby Bagley arrives. Slightly frightening but exciting.
EDIT: This post has taken so long to post that there are now 40-33 = 7 weeks left.

Just because I think it is quite funny and makes me wish I had a dog:


  1. Add some hydraulics, ground effects and flames on the side... your kid could have one pimpin' ride. Oh, and just because Jonathan Coulton is always topical:

    Stroller Town

  2. Justin,

    that dog clip has made me almost have an asthma attack laughing so hard (and i don't even have asthma!) so thanks for cheering up this dog owner. Believe me, that is the best part of having a dog, caught on video. I wish my dog would do cool things like that instead of stealing baby toys....