Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finally! A product that solves the age old problem of keeping track of baby while playing video games.  Status: 5 ordered in preparation(one per door).  (Thank you

Update:  Not our baby.  It is not here yet (1-24-09)

More than meets the eye

The human body is a fascinating piece of equipment, but little did I know it is also a transformer.  Although baby will still probably rather play with Optimus Prime than Pregnant Prime, with the popularity of realistic dolls these days (pooping dolls) it may be marketable.  So without further ado, the top ten things (in no particular order) I have learned about transforming preggers.
  1. They need new bras partly because the rib cage actually physically expands to fit everything in.  This includes...
  2. the uterus which starts about uhh small grows to 1000 times its original size :0
  3. Pregnancy pants have fake zipper 
  4. A sperm and egg makes more cells and magically some becomes a cute little baby, and some becomes the disgusting but necessary placenta.
  5. You actually have contractions all through being pregnant not just in labor.
  6. A sit up appears to be physically impossible.
  7. Women's blood circulation patterns permanently change to get more blood to the uterus.
  8. Pregnant women don't fit in bed as well, partly due to the massive number of specially positioned pillows to keep parts propped up.
  9. Pregnant women mucus production increases greatly.  This can lead to barfing.
  10. There is A LOT we don't know.
Here is Elizabeth at the doctor at the end of her second trimester. The swooshing sound is the baby's heartbeat.

Update:  The video is now public so people can see it. (1/24/09)

The thumb sucker at 20 weeks

Here are our ultrasound pictures from 20 weeks.  In the bottom picture we could see the baby going to town on its thumb.  Its activity was a preview to the pummeling that Elizabeth is receiving from the inside these days.  You can also see its very large thigh bone.  At this point we could have found out the sex, but decided to leave it as a surprise.  In retrospect this has had several unforeseen consequences.  
  1. Justin now has to distill decent names from both halves of baby name books from the simply unfortunate ones (astird anyone???) and good names that are unusable du
    e to their previous acquisition by either all our family/friends (sorry Davids) or people we would rather not be reminded of every time we say our child's name. 
  2. I haven't totally figured out how to capitalize monetarily on this second consequence yet, but yesterday all the people in Elizabeth's building decided that a pool based on baby size/sex/due date(and one guess on race, they were a little confused) would be an entertaining way to spend lunch.  Those who are nice to Elizabeth guessed around 6lb 5 oz's and April 25th(official due date is April 28th).  I'm not nearly so nice, my guess is 8lb 6oz's on May 3rd.  Vote in the poll on the right side of this site!
  3. Stresses me out.

First pictures of baby Bagley

Here is an ultrasound picture of baby Bagley at around nine weeks.  Approximately the size of a peanut, or large kidney bean, or tiny banana, or...  (It is the thing surrounded by a black ring near the center top of the picture.


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