Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The very late weekly update.

So I was originally planning on posting every week or so, but it has definitely been longer than that.  Essentially the last few weeks have been Elizabeth and I trying to get ahead/ make progress in work stuff, so we can focus on baby stuff in the near future.  In addition, Elizabeth has designated the blog as "mine" so I take that as meaning I get to post whatever I feel like (as you can see in the header).  Actually, as far as the header goes, I was just messing around and forgot it was there, but now it has a life of its own so I think it will live there for a while until I get a better picture.

Speaking of pictures... Unfortunately our camera died a horrible death due to sitting on the table.  Seriously.  It just lived on the table taking not even a picture a day.  It had a good life.  Just sitting there on the table with all its needs taken care of.  It was rarely taken outside, never rained on, protected from the elements, loved and cared for, and it had the audacity to just die for no reason.  It can rot in camera purgatory as far as I'm concerned.  I'm getting a fancy new one soon, so hopefully we'll get some new pictures soon.

However, as you can see above the video camera still works it just takes a bit more work to use since my home computer tends to choke on the files.  Plus since Justin is in charge of the blog he can post almost anything he wants as long as it doesn't put him too far in the doghouse.  So this weekly updates includes a brand spankin new production from Bagleyworks Productions above attached to the post "lately I've been thinking".

Well on to news about our future tax write off, which is really the only reason people come to this site anyway.  He/she is continually growing.  You may even call it a "giant baby".  Basically he/she is a fighter.  We are really considering post-natal Tae-Kwon-Do based on the beatdown it puts on Elizabeth each day.  She commonly gets awakened from a dead sleep by a hungry baby.  Then for the rest of the day the pummeling continues.  If we watch the belly for a few minutes, there are obvious movements.  No hand/footprints sticking out yet, and Elizabeth still as an "innie" for a belly button, but there is still time.  

Yesterday Elizabeth passed 30 weeks of being pregnant, so the countdown is on.  The days are getting longer which means baby is coming.  I think it is T-minus 11-12 weeks now.  Whoa.

Finally, strangely enough Elizabeth hasn't taken full advantage of her condition and had me run out for random food cravings yet.  I was prepared for midnight runs to the grocery store for salt flavored popsicles or some such travesty, but so far nothing.  On the subject of food cravings, hopefully this lost in translation item doesn't make you hungry (Thank you David Zaks)....

Hah! or maybe this failure of a license plate:

Update:  I have been informed that 30 weeks means you have 10-11 weeks left max, NOT 11-12 weeks.

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