Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Camera = new photos!!!

After the sad death of our old camera, we got a new one today along with some sweet lenses from my dad. So that means new pregger Lizzy photos. Yay! After spending way more time playing around today today than I should have, I've added a Flickr photostream above the polls so check it out for new picts. A more extensive update this weekend hopefully... For now just pictures.

P.S. Elizabeth starts her prelim tomorrow (actually today since it is now past midnight), so wish her well!


  1. Nice pix with the new camera! Looks like you found the stroller you were after - good work. I hope I didn't steer you wrong (pun intended :) ) and that you enjoy owning a BOB... See you next weekend!

  2. that picture is adorable! I love it. How are you two doing?

    Beth Tau