Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ian's First Birthday

Well we managed to keep Ian a viable life form for an entire year. It has been quite a journey, and looking back it is slightly shocking how quickly things change. We've compiled a slideshow comprised of a picture of Ian from each of the last twelve months (2 newborn shots though):

(Yes, month two was a slightly unfortunate month for Ian, but the good news is that his next complexion problems aren't due for another 15 years!)

Nowadays Ian is a little explorer finding all the dirt, nails, loose door stops, and chipped paint that we didn't even know existed in our little condo. He has also become an expert remote control hider. His favorite toy is my foot long 5lb maglite flashlight. Don't ask me why, he certainly has plenty of his own toys. I think he just likes the feel of cold steel in his hands:) He is not quite walking yet, but he stands up on everything and doesn't crash too often anymore. That is all for now.

Forward to year two!

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