Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The past month

So it has been about a month give a few days since I last wrote anything on here, so I figured it was high time. Like all of the summer the past month has been a busy one, especially keeping up with the little man.

On Little Man:
To start with, it is becoming hard to continue to call him a "little man". Okay, so he is still considerably smaller than me. However, he is growing absurdly quickly. At birth he was around 8lbs 7oz and 20 inches long. Over the first couple of weeks he continually in the 50-60th percentile of weight and height. As of his two month checkup in early July (which included shots that he REALLY did not like) he had ballooned up over 15lbs and about 25 inches. This puts him up around the 80-90th percentile for each. While it is nice to know that he won't be baby sized forever, it is a bit of a pain because outfits that included pants one week are suddenly thigh hugging shorts the next week.

On Sleep:
One piece of parenting that people always ask you about is sleep. "How are you sleeping?" "Getting much sleep?" "You look like a dog turd, go back to bed." Are all common questions/ statements I hear these days. Maybe not the last one, but you get the idea. Well I am proud to say I have developed highly evolved dad ears. These ears allow me to sleep right through any noises/feedings/cries Ian may make in a night. Elizabeth on the other hand has evolved the much kinder "Mommy Ears" that actually wake her up about 30 seconds BEFORE Ian himself knows he's awake. I guess it makes sense since she has the goods, but I'll be the first to admit it isn't all that fair. My main contribution to the long nights are technical support, by getting movies/tv shows on Elizabeth's ipod for 1 hour plus 3 AM feedings.

On Fantasy Baby:
Continuing the thread of sleep, I must mention Ian's latest accomplishment. After an uncharacteristically bad night at a local restaurant post ultimate frisbee, we were already exhausted when we pulled in to the house at 10PM, and Elizabeth in particular was dreading the night. No need to fear, fantasy baby is here. Ian fell asleep on the car ride home, then continued to sleep for a new record of 7+ hours! Go Ian! It must have been the excitement from being sooooo close to flipping from his back to his front when we laid him down naked on the porch yesterday (video below shows evidence of how close he got)! He got on to his side about 4 times in row, but his arm kept getting in the way (Warning inappropriate baby parts below). Actually, if you don't want to watch the whole thing you basically get the idea in the first 10 seconds. The rest is really just more of the same. I think it is great, but hey he is my kid. I could see how others may not want to watch 3 minutes of a baby laying on his side.

On Alopecia and evolution:
Unfortunately I must put a sad note in this entry. Ian has alopecia. Yes it is true, he is going bald slowly but surely. It doesn't help that he has inherited my tendency to play with his hair. Each morning we find more of it in his crib. Even his furry little back that was going to drive all the ladies crazy someday is slowly being cropped clean as a whistle. His head hair will grow back in a few months, probably along with other unnecessary baby attachments such as teeth and fine motor control, but for the time being it looks more and more like Ian has evolved from a goofy aquatic monkey rather than a noble grassland one:

On Big Chunks of Plastic and dancing:
We scored Ian an exersaucer at a garage sale last weekend because he wanted it. Yes we are pushovers. Ian can not talk, doesn't really want things beyond milk and sleep. But.... he smiled when we stuck him in it so we were sold. Plus you can't put a price on this (I'm not sure who is having more fun):

That is all for now. Let's hope for another 7 hours tonight!

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