Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Ballad of Justin versus the Pack and Play

There once was a gift called a Pack and Play
For those of you who don't know it is where a baby can lay
This is its ballad without delay.

From the Valley of Spring did the beast rise
back to Madison peregrinated; a box was its guise
Inside was a demon. At least in my eyes.

Pandora's downfall was opened and no instructions were found
I looked for the instructions, in the sky on the ground.
The instructions were missing I realized and frowned.

"No problem" says I, I have an engineering degree
Surely a Pack play will be no match for me
It'll be up in a jiffy for sure you'll see

And so the pieces were strewn from wall to wall
It was going so fast and then slowed to a crawl
Clearly, the crux piece was five sizes too small

"We could look for the instructions on the internet." Said the pregnant one
"That would admit defeat and Pack and Play will have won"
But after 10 more tries a drawer was sounding like a good bed for a future possible son

Justin was cursing and stomping about
Pieces were bent and twisted as if with the gout
The Pack and Play was winning, it looked like a rout

With a paradigm shift it turned in a flash
"I've got it!" I said. "I can build this so it won't crash!"
The key is the edges, they must lock BEFORE expanded or its trash

"Who's your Daddy!" Justin bellowed as it came to fruition
And quickly mellowed as he lost the need to take use more ammunition
Pack and play was no demon just a child looking for some action

It just needed some guidance it needed some love
It just needed some pliance to fit like a glove
Few things rhyme with love, this poets must not be fond of.

(Instructions were found shortly after the "Who's your Daddy" attached to the underside of Pack and Play)


  1. Good work Rookies - let's see how well you can come up with rhymes once you only get 2 hours of sleep at a crack.... ;) BTW, you can look forward to the day in the not-too-distant-future when you'll be able to assemble the pack n play with one hand (since the other will be holding your pride & joy). When we first bought our crib, it took the two of us 2 hours to put it together. By the time we moved it into the second "baby room" in our RF house, I could do it by myself (8 mos pregnant, no less) in under a half hour. Such are the parenting superpowers that lay dormant inside each of you. I cannot wait to see what you learn you are capable of doing! :)

  2. This was absolutely hilarious. Nice work!